Are you our next Raise Yourself ambassador?

Thank you for your love of Raise Yourself ! We are so excited to hear from you and to have you join us.

If you love wearing and using your Raise Yourself products and enjoy sharing positive vibes with your community, we invite you to be part of our ambassador program. Before you apply please make sure you have already shared some images of you wearing and using Raise Yourself's products.

Next stet to become a true ambassador, please tell us a bit more about yourself and why you are interested in becoming a Raise Yourself ambassador? How can you help to spread the word about Raise Yourself, our unique products, as well as what new perspectives you feel you can bring to the brand.

Our ambassadors are inspiring, wholehearted, beautiful inside out and love to share their Raise Yourself moments with others, through social media. If this sounds like you, then you might be our next Raise Yourself ambassador!

Below you will find more details about the requirements as well as benefits of joining us.

Raise Yourself Ambassador Requirements

  • Already love and use Raise Yourself's products
  • Practice yoga, pilates, surf, swimming, dance or fitness or other sports.
  • Believe in Raise Yourself's mission to promote sport and arts around the world.
  • Like Raise Yourself on Facebook (
  • Follow Raise Yourself on Instagram (
  • Provide name, address, email address and Facebook and Instagram details as well as blog details 
  • Share your love of Raise Yourself with your friends through your social media network on a regular basis
  • Submit photo with your Raise Yourself Wear for website and/or 10-60 second video with your Raise Yourself Wear to be posted on Raise Yourself's website and social media profiles as well as state your name, where you teach, what you are passionate about


Raise Yourself Ambassador Benefits


  • Possible inclusionat our Raise Yourself photoshoot
  • The chance toto score exclusive gear and/or commissions.
  • Receive exclusive discounts, product previews
  • Opportunity to provide input on new products
  • Be among the first people to be notified about new products
  • Be listed as an Ambassador on the Raise Yourself website with photo (and maybe video) with a personalised profile and link to your blog/website and social media accounts
  • Opportunity to have your events promoted
  • Opportunity to write guest blogs
  • Occasional surprises

If you are interested in joining the Raise Yourself ambassador family, please share some photos of your practice wearing Raise Yourself's products online and with us. Then please fill in the contact form below or e-mail apply.

We are so excited to hear more about you and about your love for Raise Yourself ! 

Stay Wild and unqiue - Raise Yourself !

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