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    Profitez de la livraison GRATUITE dès 100€ d'achat !


    A personalized legging.

    A cloth specially crafted for you ?

    Do you want to offer the best present to your lover? Or do you want to offer you a special treat?
    Are you bored to see each person wearing the same clothes as you are?
    Do you want a masterpiece only created for you? Then, this special service is what you need!

    We offer you a unique experience that will satisfy the most demanding of you all!
    For 300$, our artists will create, design and produce a legging that is 100% personalized!
    This piece of cloth will be unique and produced only once worldwide

    The design will be studied and adapted so as to meet your expectations! Our teams will take the necessary time so that you will be 100% satisfied with the end-result!
    Best solution: select a piece of art, a picture or a design that you particularly like so as to help our designers to give the best of themselves to offer you a unique piece of cloth that will sublimate you! 


    We are a team made up of passionate graphists.  We love to create, sublimate and realize masterpieces. We have been working in that area for more than three years now.
    We are also more than happy to share our passion for art and design with every person
    who wishes to live a special experience.
    This process took a long time to grow. We first worked with famous people and influencers like Stefanie Millinger, which enables us to acquire a lot of experience, as celebrities are customers who are difficult to satisfy. For this reason, we dedicated a lot of our time in order to produce THE masterpiece that would meet their expectations. These experiences enabled us to grow.

    We always work with pleasure in order to create new items. We are grateful to all those people who trust us, which enables us to try and make the impossible to offer them the piece of cloth they deserve!

    We love to create, sublimate and realize masterpieces. We banish the ordinary and the common from our lives. We wish to conceive and bring both colours and emotions in people’s life


    Your order will be unique, as the cloth will be created, printed and sewed only for you. This model will never be sold to anyone else and you will thus be the only one to wear it!


    We will always collaborate to offer you the best legging you have ever seen. The creation process will be conducted together from the beginning to the end and you will make the final decision as regards the model creation.


    Whatever your expectations might be, our teams will take the necessary time to offer you different designs meeting your expectations so that together, we can create THE cloth that YOU choose!

    Do you wish to offer the best gift?
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