From the passion of drawing,
to sublimation on textile..


" I have always liked drawing, creating, improving…"

For as long as I remember, I have always liked drawing and creating, may it be simple drawings, typography tests or even graffitis. My first inspiration has constantly been my surrounding environment in the real world, but also fictions, films, series as well as other countries’ cultures.

But I must confess something: I have never been a good drawer. But thanks to digitalization and creation softwares, a new door has opened for me. As a result, I was able to work on my drawings, to rework on them as well as to infinitely perfect them. But it soon became an issue, as being a perfectionist, it took me hours and hours to be satisfied by small details. But it is also exactly what I like: find the detail that will make the difference, which will sublimate my creation.

Sports and design, willingness and motivation.

One of my many other passions is sport, whatever it may be! I love sport and what it brings to me! It is thus no accident that I work as a sports coach, as you must like sport to do that kind of job. And like all sportsmen, my clothes were important for me. I wanted to wear clothes that would motivate me to go to the gym but also clothes that would represent my values. They had to be beautiful and catch attention. When I bought a piece of cloth, I had to say “Waou” and be impatient to wear it during my next gym or sport sessions. It is thus naturally that I started creating my own t-shirts, as I did not really find a brand of which I was a fan. But most of all, I wanted something UNIQUE, I wanted to be the only one to wear it. This is the reason why I started creating my own clothes and that the Raise Yourself concept is born

A beautiful meeting and the other edge of the world .

Over time, the collections and lines of clothes I created were enlarged. I switched from t-shirts to hoodies, from hoodies to shorts, and so on. My clothes started to be liked by sportsmen from all over the world, which resulted in my encounter with Dmitriyi, a californian photographer who loved my creations. As for me, I was a total fan of his photos which mainly concentrated on yoga. Over time, we became friends and started working together, while more than 10,000 kilometers lied between us. He really helped me promote my brand and show my leggings to the entire world. I will always be grateful to him for his help as well as for the chance I had to encounter him! 

Challenges and work, but mostly delight .

f someone would ask me today why I spend so many hours working on the Raise Yourself project, I would answer that it is first of all by passion. Let’s be honest: it demands a lot of work to make a brand grow, especially against market players who own a lot of money, ressources and fame. But I truly enjoy designing my own clothes. With different periods and events, I have more or less inspiration, but this is part of the natural cycle of the creation process.However, nothing makes me more happy than to create a new cloth and to think ‘woa it is beautiful’ while my customers would confirm it to me. Raise Yourself is a passion prior to being a job.


Raise Yourself commonly means “surpassing oneself” but also “aiming to fulfill one’s own full potential” both physically and mentally. As such, it seems natural that this tendency towards a better self finally symbolized itself through the Kanji for Warrior (i.e. the brand symbol). If you also feel this permanent objective within yourself; the one that enables you to tend for a better self and fulfillment, then you are in line with our brand.